Most nutritional therapists will use a calendar for organizing meetings with clients and other events. It's an essential feature and that's why we are including it in NutriAdmin. But, with so many software options for calendar functionality, what is special about NutriAdmin's?

The exciting part about NutriAdmin's calendar is the reminders functionality. Every time you create an event, you can select one of your clients from a dropdown list. By simply ticking a box, the client will receive an auto-generated email reminder before the visit. The reminder contains the date of the event, your address, and a link to complete any required questionnaires prior to the visit. Your clients' data is stored in NutriAdmin, so the software knows who to email and what to say automatically (you just need to tick a box).

nutriadmin calendar

The reminders functionality can save nutritionists considerable time and headaches for the following reasons:
Reminders are automated, you don't need to remember and manually send emails.
Chances of clients remembering the visit date and place increase. Attendance is higher.
Compliance increases too. Your clients will be more likely to fill in required questionnaires or other important tasks.
An auto-generated email with kind words and nice formatting is not perceived as pushy by clients.

Finally, NutriAdmin's calendar is fully integrated with Google Calendar. This means you can add events in one account and they will be automatically synchronized in the other account. No need to duplicate the effort.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating how the calendar and scheduling tools work in NutriAdmin.