Say you need a haircut. You just call the local hairdresser, agree on a date, and show up. Sometimes you don't even need an appointment, what an easy process! In contrast, booking a visit with a nutritionist is not quite as easy. Let me explain why.

The job of dietitians, nutritionists, and nutritional therapists can be really challenging. They usually meet patients for just around an hour. Every individual is different, with different goals and circumstances; and sometimes there are complex nutritional disorders present that are difficult to diagnose. Moreover, there is only so much that can be learned in an hour about a particular patient. For this reason, virtually all nutritionists will require clients to fill in a detailed medical questionnaire before a visit.

Questionnaires are fundamental for nutritionists. They provide crucial patient information used to guide diagnosis and to give more effective advice. Most questionnaires will include basic personal and contact details, client goals, allergies, dietary requirements, medical history, medication, pregnancy information if applicable, lifestyle data, and more. Anything that can help the nutritionist research a particular case better should be included.

client questionnaires for nutritionists

If you are a nutritionist or health coach, maybe you experience a challenge with questionnaires. The challenge is that as your client base grows, the amount of data you are handling can spiral out of control. It is difficult to keep all client questionnaires organized, up to date, and to get patients to complete them on time. To address this challenge, we created the questionnaires functionality in NutriAdmin.

At NutriAdmin, we contacted hundreds of dietitians and nutritional therapists asking them how software for nutritionists could solve their pains at work. Most professionals reported paperwork was time consuming and that it was hard to keep files such as questionnaires tidy whilst keeping workflow efficient and smooth.

With NutriAdmin, you can create an online re-usable questionnaire customized to match your business with a few clicks. However, the benefit goes much further. All data your clients enter will be stored automatically in a NutriAdmin client profile. Data will be always tidy and up to date. Finally, you can configure automatic email reminders to encourage clients to fill in important forms before their visits.

In summary, you can save time and hassle with NutriAdmin's questionnaires at the same time you improve the accuracy of your client data profiles. Questionnaires are really easy to set up and are user friendly. You are invited to try them out.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating how the questionnaires for nutritionists feature works.