When you try to send a given questionnaire to one of your clients, you may get an error message saying you cannot do it. If you confirm you do have a working internet connection, and that there are no other basic issues that may prevent the questionnaire from going out, then the most likely cause for this issue is that your client may have already completed and submitted the corresponding questionnaire in the past.

If you want to check whether a client has returned a questionnaire or not, the easiest way is to check the status tab in their client record. You can click here to read about the different tabs and their function in client records.

If you find your client has completed the questionnaire but left many fields blank, you can reset the questionnaire and send it again. To do so, please follow the tutorial in this other link.

Finally, it is not possible to save a questionnaire mid-way though it to come back later for security reasons. Clients will be warned of this fact when trying to submit a questionnaire. Still, if you need to re-send a questionnaire and you are getting an error, you will have to reset the questionnaire as mentioned above.

If you find that none of the points covered in this article help you solve your issue, and that the questionnaire you are trying to send is new and you are still getting an error, please contact team@nutriadmin.com and we will be able to help you.