In extremely rare cases, one of your clients may report to you that they are unable to submit a questionnaire whilst, at the same time, other questionnaires for other clients seem to be working fine. This article explains what to do in these cases.

When an issue like this happens, it's always a good idea to contact just to check that there is no system-wide problem with questionnaires.

Assuming there is no system-wide issue, the first thing you should do is to check whether the problem happens with only one client or with all clients in your account. You can:

  • check your email to see if you have received any questionnaires from other clients recently
  • use an "example client" with your own email to send yourself a questionnaire email and submit it and to check if this works correctly.

If you are unable to submit your own questionnaires, or you have several clients saying they are having issues with the questionnaires, then it is likely there is an issue with your account's data and you should contact asking for help. Issues like these one command maximum priority and you should have your query addressed as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you see questionnaires are working fine for everyone except a client in particular, the issue is most likely confined to this client only. There are many reasons why this client may be having issues. Here is a non exhaustive list of some of the possible reasons:

  • Your client may be using an extremely old version of their browser or have a very old computer.
  • Your client may have problems with his or her internet connection.
  • Your client may have a computer virus preventing the forms to be sent correctly.
  • Your client may be using a corporate network or work computer or firewall that blocks sending data forms to external websites.
  • Your client may have some plugin or software installed in his/her device that interferes with the natural data flow of questionnaires in NutriAdmin in an unpredictable manner.
  • Your client may have made an error in the questionnaire (i.e. trying to submit it leaving mandatory fields blank).

The most likely cause for an issue with a questionnaire is that there is something wrong with your client's computer or device. If you can, you can ask your client to use a different computer to fill in the questionnaire. Alternatively, if all else fails, you can follow the steps on the tutorial linked below to download a PDF copy of an empty questionnaire so that your client can print this data and fill it in in paper.
Click here to learn how to print a blank PDF copy of your questionnaire