Learn how to save up to 2 hours per day by automating the admin work of your nutritionist practice

Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn't have to handle all the boring admin work? We are here to help you achieve it. Follow our low-paperwork diet and never again find yourself in a situation where:

  • You lost your client's data
  • You store your client's data in thousands of messy files, or even worse - on sheets of paper
  • You deal with a client who forgot about your visit, because you haven't reminded them
  • Your spend valuable visit time on filling in first visit questionnaires - because your client forgot to bring it
  • You spilled your coffee on your client's documents - or your dog ate them :)
  • You constantly flicker between applications such as email, calendar, text editor - which is annoying, error-prone and inefficient
  • When preparing reports and sending disclaimers, you find yourself copying and pasting the same chunks of text over and over

All of the above can and should be avoided. With Nutriadmin you can prevent stressful situations, save time and look professional.

NutriAdmin is designed specifically to help nutritionists manage their practice effectively. Why don't you check it out? Learn more about our software for nutritionists.