If you have a lot of existing clients and you are migrating your system to NutriAdmin, you can request to import all your clients in bulk to NutriAdmin.

To do this, please follow these steps.


We want to make it as easy as possible for new users to migrate their existing clients into NutriAdmin.

We are happy to import all of your clients from another system for free to help you onboard into NutriAdmin. That being said, we reserve the right to evaluate each individual case for eligibility.

You are eligible to import all your clients into NutriAdmin if:

  • You were offered this service
  • You have recently joined NutriAdmin and have existing clients in another system that can be exported into a spreadsheet format
  • You haven't already claimed this service

You are not eligible to use this service if:

  • You are attempting to create new client records in the system to bypass the monthly limit for clients
  • You are not a new user
  • You are requesting to import an excessive number of clients

We will evaluate every scenario on an individual basis and approve your request if it meets the criteria above.

Preparing the data

Step 1: Export your data from your existing system into a spreadsheet format (.csv file). If you use Excel or Google Sheets you can convert your file to CSV.

Step 2: Format your csv file as follows:

  • One row per client
  • One column per property
  • First row should be property headers
  • First column should be an index, with numbers running 1, 2, 3, etc progressively

Step 3: Include mandatory properties

You must include the following two mandatory columns at least:

  • name: the full name of the client
  • email: a valid email address for the client

The columns in your spreadsheet must have headers with the exact text: name and email.

Step 4: Include any additional information you want to import. We support the following headers for your columns. Any specific cell can be empty or populated with a value in the format specified below:

Column header Accepted values Example value
tags a comma separated list of text values lead, email, website
dobDay a number 1-31 to indicate the day of date of birth for the client 3
dobMonth a number 1-12 to indicate the month of date of birth 10
dobYear Year of birth 1980
phone phone number without international code 1234556789
countryCode 2-letter country iso code for the client's phone GB or US
additionalComments text my comment
dietaryRequirements text gluten free
medicalConditions text diabetes
medication text paracetamol
heightCm number 178
heightIn height in inches 70.08
heightFt height in feet 5.84
heightFtinFt height in feet, where inches are specified in heightFtinIn 5
heightFtinIn height in inches, where the feet are specified in heightFtinFt 10
gender exact text: "male", "female", or "other" male
pregnancy exact text: "pregnant", "lactating", or "na" pregnant
weightKg weight in kg 75
weightLb weight in lbs 165
activityLevel a number amongst the following: 1.2, 1.375, 1.55, 1.725, 1.9. This is a multiplier to calculate TDEE based on BMR 1.375
bodyFatPercent number 11
address text 123 sample street, London, UK

Note: any of the values in your columns can be empty. For instance, you can specify height in cm and weight in kg (ignoring the ft/in/lbs columns). Every property and value is optional. The only mandatory fields are name and email.

Example file

You can download the file below for an example with all the columns filled in. The first row has values for every property. The second row only has name/email.

You can edit this file yourself, and include your formatted data.

Contact the NutriAdmin team

Once you have prepared your data in a suitable CSV format, please contact the NutriAdmin team at team@nutriadmin.com. We will then:

  1. Provide you with a secure link to upload your data (do not send it directly via email).
  2. Review that the format of the data is correct. We can fix minor errors on our end, but if there are too many problems with the data format we'll ask you to rework the data as per this tutorial.
  3. Upload the data on your behalf and notify you once it's done. This typically can be done within 24h, but it may take longer if it's a lot of data or there are errors.