Nowadays everything is digital, but not just that, it is also online.

What this means is that it's not just that computers have replaced many of the business processes and paperwork practices that used to be done in paper. Those computer files and software programs live in the internet.

There are many advantages of having documents, data, and running software programs online:

  • You can back up your data and access it from multiple devices
  • You can work faster and be more efficient
  • You can take advantage of the latest technologies and stay up to date with your business
  • etc

Traditionally, businesses would do their accounting, reporting, and other paperwork on paper. However, there are much more efficient ways today. Software has revolutionized paperwork management for many sectors of the economy, including of course nutrition practices and registered dietitians' businesses.

Doing your paperwork by using software allows you to be more efficient. For a few years software was downloaded and used locally in your computer, without an internet connection. Microsoft Excel is probably the staple of business software for all industries for the last years.

However, there are now many online software solutions that bring all the advantages of computer programs for management to the next level. In our case, we have created NutriAdmin to be an online solution from the beginning.

NutriAdmin is an online web-app

NutriAdmin allows you to manage your clients online, send them questionnaires, schedule appointments, create meal plans and reports, and much more. The software specializes in the needs of nutritionists and dietitians exclusively.

Running the software online means you can connect from any device with internet access (e.g. a computer or a phone). Additionally, you do not have to constantly upgrade the software and download updates – these happen automatically all the time in the web without the need for you to take action.

Our goal with NutriAdmin is to allow you to run your nutrition business in as efficient a manner as possible. These kind of software applications have existed for years in other sectors (e.g. sales) but a truly specialized program just for nutritionists and dietitians that could be run online didn't quite exist when we started developing NutriAdmin.

If you are one of the many nutritionists who nowadays has a virtual practice, meaning that you mainly engage in Skype consultations with patients, and video seminars/workshops, you will probably benefit the most from a completely online software tool. That said, NutriAdmin is still perfectly viable for you if your patients see you face to face in a physical room. For example you can take quick consultation notes whilst chatting with your client, then write a report after their visit in the system.

If you are looking for an online platform to organize your nutrition business and grow your practice, NutriAdmin is for you. You can learn more about the software by clicking here.