Your NutriAdmin password protects your account from the public. Each time you login to NutriAdmin, you will be asked for your email and password. This article describes a few tips and considerations to take into account when choosing a password.

Choosing a strong password

A password should be a secret sequence of characters that you can remember easily, but that is difficult to guess. The best passwords are made up of random characters (such as letters or numbers) that do not form a dictionary word. If you are able to memorize the words, then you will make it practically impossible for anyone to steal your data.

The following are a few tips to ensure your password is strong:

  • Aim at 12 or more characters, the longer the better.
  • Try to include lowercase and uppercase letters, mixed in a random pattern if possible.
  • Try to add numbers to your password.
  • Ensure none of your personal data (such as name, phone, date of birth, etc) is part of the password.
  • Don't tell your password to anyone, and do not write it down anywhere. Ensure you memorize it.
  • Do not choose dictionary words. A random sequence of characters is best.
  • Do not use your NutriAdmin password for any other application or software service.

If you opt for a strong password and you end up forgetting it, you can always reset your password.