This article compiles a list of video tutorials for NutriAdmin. The videos are categorized by feature, and demonstrate pretty much all the capabilities of the software. You can find some of these videos in other sections of the documentation for NutriAdmin, but this article compiles them all in a single document.

In addition to these videos, you can also check this article where the typical workflow with a client in NutriAdmin is explained step by step.

These videos will be especially useful for:

  • Someone considering signing up for a free trial at NutriAdmin
  • Someone who has recently registered and would like to learn how to use most of the software in under an hour
  • Someone who has specific questions about a feature in particular (e.g. reports, questionnaires, meal plans, etc) and would like to see an explanation on the topic.

Videos range in length from five to ten minutes and show step-by-step demonstrations of the practical use of NutriAdmin. You can find links to the videos (in YouTube) and embedded content below.

NutriAdmin overview

Video length: 5 minutes Topic: Overview of the software as a whole, and demonstration of the main functionalities.

Electronic health records (client records)

Video length: 6 minutes Topic: Client records in NutriAdmin, how to customize your notes, and how to organize your client data.


Video length: 6 minutes Topic: How to create questionnaires in NutriAdmin, how to edit them, and how to send them to clients with 1-click.

Calendar, appointments, scheduling, and reminders

Video length: 9 minutes Topic: How to use the calendar for managing your appointments, how to setup client reminders for events, and how to let your clients book appointments with you.

Reports and templates

Video length: 6 minutes Topic: How to use reports in NutriAdmin, along with report templates and leveraging your existing client data.

Meal plans

Video length: 8 minutes Topic: How to create meal plans in NutriAdmin.


Video length: 4 minutes Topic: How to create recipes in NutriAdmin.

Online Payments

Video length: 5 minutes Topic: How to process online payments with NutriAdmin.

Client Portal

Video length: 11 minutes Topic: How the client portal works