If you are a health coach that deals with many clients, the paperwork side of your business may grow problematic. Luckily, software is there to automate many of your admin tasks and allow you to work more efficiently.

A great health coach needs to really motivate individuals, and guide them towards positive health choices and lifestyle changes. Every client is different, and their goals and requirements vary. This means you will need to work with each client on an individual basis.

Working closely with clients will ensure their success, but it can be too time-consuming. For example, a client may pay you for a 1-hour consultation, but it may take you actually 4 real hours to study their case, produce a great personalized report and meal plan, give them custom handouts etc. Wouldn't it be great if you could automate all this paperwork, do it in half the time, and still provide high quality and personalized advice to your clients?

Health coaching online software – Introducing NutriAdmin

NutriAdmin is a cloud health and fitness coach software solution designed for nutritionists, dietitians, and health coaches. The software allows you to effectively manage your clients by automating your paperwork and introducing efficient processes in your workflow.

NutriAdmin's capabilities include:

  • Online client records for health coaches
  • One-click questionnaires
  • One-click appointments and integrated calendar
  • Meal plan generator
  • Recipes creator and database
  • Reporting with templates
  • and more!

We designed NutriAdmin by reaching out to many nutrition professionals – including health coaches – asking them what were the most inefficient points in their daily processes and how software could improve them. With a properly configured NutriAdmin account, your workflow looks as follows:

  1. You click a button to send your client a health questionnaire/food diary
  2. You click a button to send your client an email where they can book an appointment with you
  3. Your clients' data is stored and organized automatically for you in the system
  4. You take notes into NutriAdmin during a consultation with your client
  5. You click a few buttons to generate a personalized report/handout for your client
  6. You click a few buttons to download recipes that suit your client
  7. You click a few buttons to auto-generate a personalized meal plan for your client
  8. Your client gets key emails with actions and reminders automatically during this process

If you are a health coach looking for a software solution that can help you do your work more efficiently, save time, and provide a better service to your clients, how about you check NutriAdmin out? You can learn more about our software by visiting https://nutriadmin.com.