This article also applies to How to I send a meal plan to a client or how to send a recipe to a client.

The only way is to download the report/meal plan/recipe as a PDF, then send it from your email as an attachment.

The reason we do not allow users to send reports directly to clients from the software is security. Basically, if some attacker gained access to the outbound email servers and associated accounts that NutriAdmin uses, they would be able to read confidential information from all clients stored in the database.

Although it would be practical to send reports with a click from the software, this would expose several vulnerabilities, and violate several of the rules of HIPAA compliance.

The only emails NutriAdmin sends are reminders, appointments, and empty questionnaires (read here why clients are not allowed to save questionnaires mid-way through completion). The listed emails never contain confidential data, only empty forms, the first name of the client, etc.

The plan to address this issue in the future is to create a client app when clients can securely login to see their data. At the time of writing this article (June 2018) we are planning for releasing this application in late 2018.

Once the client portal app is available, you will be able to click a button to notify a client that a new meal plan/report/recipe is available for them. Then, the client will be able to login to their own private dashboard, using their secret password, to retrieve the data. This will be both practical and secure, effectively removing the hassle of downloading PDF files.