This article also applies to How to I send a meal plan to a client or how to send a recipe to a client.

The best way is to send a report or meal plan using the client portal. You can click the link below for a Youtube video demo showing how the client portal works.

Watch video tutorial on YouTube

If you are working on a report or meal plan, you should have a "share"button on the top of the screen. You can use that button to send the meal plan or report securely to a client.

Alternatively, there are other buttons to share in the software. For example, if you are reviewing a list of all of your meal plans or all of your reports, you can click on Actions then Share to send the relevant document to your client via the portal.

Finally, you can also click the share button within a client record, if you review a client's reports or meal plans in the corresponding tab.

If you cannot or do not want to use the client portal with a specific client, then the only way to send a report or meal plan to a client would be to download it as a PDF, then send it from your email as an attachment.

Crucially, NutriAdmin cannot send reports or emails directly to clients via email or using third parties for security reasons. When you use the client portal, all the private data of your clients remains within NutriAdmin securely.

The only emails NutriAdmin sends are reminders, appointments, and empty questionnaires (read here why clients are not allowed to save questionnaires mid-way through completion). The listed emails never contain confidential data, only empty forms, the first name of the client, etc.