Many nutritionional therapists help their clients improve their eating habits via diet or meal plans recommendations. Every patient is different and his or her case requires special attention. For this reason, creating a personalised meal plan for each person that asks for a consultation in your nutrition business can easily became a major time-draining activity.

Interviewing dozens of nutritionists reveals that writing customized meal plans for their clients is often one of the most time consuming activities in the profession. A plan can easily take an hour or longer per patient, specially when done by hand or without the aid of specialized software. Compound to the task finding accurate nutritional values for food recommendations – and suddenly days seem to no longer contain enough hours for you to finish your work on time!

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a system were you can write meal plans in minutes, if not seconds? Well, that's exactly what NutriAdmin can do for you. If you have the knowledge and know the advice well, it shouldn't take hours to transmit it to a document. Our philosophy is to empower nutritionists to spend less time with paperwork, and more diagnosing.

NutriAdmin meal plan

With NutriAdmin, you can type a food name and add it to a meal plan along nutritional info of your choice. There are dozens of nutrition values to choose from, ranging from the basic ones (Calories, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fats) to micronutrients (All vitamins and minerals) trans fatty acids, caffeine, and more. Most values have up to three significant figures of accuracy (e.g. 2.83mg as opposed to the less accurate 3mg for the value of a nutrient).

Furthermore, you can save food groups, or entire meal plans as presets. For example, you can create a 1,600 Kcal Paleo Diet plan, a 1,900 Kcal version of the same, Another plan for vegetarians, another option for pregnant women, etc. Possibilities are endless! If you create your own library of a few dozen common plans, then you'll be able to generate them instantly for any patient that matches your preset groups.

The food database contains around 9,000 food items, plus around 70,000 branded products. Pretty much any imaginable whole-food is included, along with popular fast food items, branded products, or restaurant meals. Data has been kindly provided by the US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28

Learn more about our meal planning software for nutritionists and dietitians, including a video demonstration of how they work in practice.

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