If you have agreed a concrete appointment date with a client (e.g. via phone or email), you can add this appointment to NutriAdmin manually in your calendar. This will enable you to:

  • Keep your calendar organized
  • Send a confirmation email to your client by ticking a box
  • Schedule a reminder 24h before your client's visit
  • Sync the appointment with Google Calendar (if you are using this functionality)

The steps to create an appointment for your client are as follows:

Step 1: Click on My Calendar.

My calendar

Step 2: Click on the date in the calendar where you want to add an appointment. In this example, we will click on Friday 10th of February at 9AM.

creating an appointment

Step 3: The appointment creator will open from the left. You can setup all the relevant details for your appointment here. Start by changing the From/To date and time on the top.

from to dates appointment

Step 4: Give your appointment a title, and select a client from the dropdown menu.

selecting a client

Step 5: Once you select a client, a couple of extra options will appear. You can tick the box for any of the options to enable them.

The first option will let you send an email confirmation email to your client immediately after the creation of the appointment. The email will contain your logo, signature, and the date you've chosen in the calendar.

The second option will schedule an appointment reminder before the event, so that your client can be notified automatically prior to meeting you.

reminders and appointment details

Step 6: If you want the appointment to be synced with Google Calendar, click on the Add to Google Calendar tickbox at the bottom of the screen.

adding to google calendar

Step 7: Review that all information is correct. Then, click on Save Event to record the appointment in NutriAdmin.

saving a calendar event

The event will show up in the calendar the moment you click Save Event.

event example in calendar

If you checked the boxes for sending an email appointment reminder or to send the details to your client, you will get confirmation notifications like the ones shown below. You will be CC'ed in any emails send by NutriAdmin on your behalf, so you can check that all details are correct once you receive the email on your inbox.

confirmation of sending email appointment confirmation of reminder

Finally, you can review a client's upcoming appointments, scheduled reminders, and calendar history on the Appointments tab in the client's record.

appointments tab