NutriAdmin allows you to specify food amounts for clients in three different formats:

  • Grams (g)
  • Ounces (oz, 1oz = 28g)
  • Portions (e.g. 1 cup, 1 tbsp, etc)

You can freely change the settings in your account to select the format that you want to use for meal plan creation, and recipe editing. This will be specifically useful if you live in a region of the world where there is a specific convention for units.

To change your food quantity units, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on Settings, from the left-side menu

changing settings NutriAdmin

Step 2: Click on the Meal Plans tab.

meal plans tab

Step 3: Click on your favorite units: grams, ounces, or portions.

choosing units

Step 4: Do not forget to click on Save Changes when you are done editing your settings.

saving changes

Examples of foods in grams, ounces, and portions

This is an example of how Boiled Eggs look like in a sample meal plan depending on the units you have chosen for food amounts.


eggs in grams


eggs in ounces


eggs in portions

Similar changes in the way food quantities are displayed will occur for: meal presets, recipes, and macronutrient tables.