If you want to know what questionnaires, reports, and meal plans a client has access to in the client portal, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the relevant client record and click the Status tab.

status tab

Step 2: check the table for questionnaires. Any questionnaire that is sent but not returned is accessible to the client via the portal.

questionnaires table status

Step 3: click the Reports tab.

reports tab

Step 4: You can check the Shared column to see which reports have been shared in the portal. You can also click the Shared column header to sort the reports. if you want to share a report in the spot, you can click on Actions in the table and select the option to share.

reports table with shared status

Step 5: Click on the Meal Plans tab.

meal plans tab

Step 6: You can check the table in the same way you have done for the reports.

meal plans table

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