Sometimes, you may have the need to create a series of meal plans for a team of people, or for a family. NutriAdmin's meal plans are mostly designed to be assigned to a single individual, but there are many ways in which you can work around the software to achieve a practical result when you need to create documents for a group. There are multiple ways to go about this.

Firstly, you may choose to make one meal plan per person, or a master meal plan for the whole group - there are some trade-offs:

  • individual plans will accurately reflect the nutritional information and make clear which meal is intended for everyone. It's better if people eat different meals or if the dietary requirements are different
  • a single plan makes it easier to do shopping, as the whole shopping list is consolidated, and it may be suitable if most of the meals the group will cook/eat are the same
  • There is a "hybrid" approach, which would be to create one plan per day. Each plan would have 5 days, and instead of Monday-Friday you can rename the days to the different people in the group. This would result in a plan that has one column per person. You could then add the relevant meals in each column and then create one meal plan per day with this approach. You can click here to learn how to rename the days in a meal plan.

Depending on the approach you follow, there are multiple tools available to prevent you from having to do the same work twice. For instance you can use your saved foods, meal presets, and recipes in any plan; you can duplicate an existing meal plan as described here and you can also copy/paste content within cells in your meal plan table to save time.

There are other creative ways in which you may be able to adapt the software to better suit your needs when working with groups. Feel free to take advantage of all of the different customization options available in the software to achieve the results you need. You may want to try out all of the alternative methods in a small scale first, then go forward with the option that looks best.