This tutorial explains how to download a meal plan as a PDF document step by step.

Warning for Safari users: Some versions of Safari (typically Safari version 10.0 and earlier versions) can behave differently when downloading a meal plan. Scroll down this article for advice on how to download your meal plan in Safari.

Step 1: Click on Meal Plans on the left-side menu.

meal plans menu

Step 2: Click on the meal plan you want to download.

meal plan selection

Step 3: Once your meal plan loads, click on the Download tab.

download meal plan tab

Step 4: Click the Customize PDF button. Tick the different boxes to customize the kinds of data you want to include in your pdf document. Then click Done.

downloading pdf downloading pdf

Step 5: You can check to see if you like how your meal plan looks and if you are satisfied with the included data. Then, click the blue Download button.

downloading generated PDF meal plan

Your meal plan will now be downloaded. The file name would be the same as your meal plan title.

Safari users

If you are using the Safari browser on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, your pdf may be opened in a new tab instead of being downloaded.

This usually happens with Safari versions 10.0 and earlier versions, although it can happen in other cases depending on your system configuration.

If you get the PDF opened directly in another tab instead of saved to your system, all you have to do is to hover with your mouse around the pdf so that the "save" button is revealed. Then, you can click the save button.

If you are viewing the pdf document in an iphone or tablet, you may have to tap on the screen for the save button to appear.

Finally, if you are having issues downloading your PDF with Safari, you can always try to upgrade your Safari version (versions older than 10.0 have known issues handling pdf files) or you can try using a different web browser.