When creating a plan in NutriAdmin the maximum is 7 days.

However, there is a workaround that works for most people. You can basically divide the plan into multiple weeks. E.g. if you want to make a plan for 28 days you could create 4 plans of 7 days each. You can name the plans week 1, week 2, etc. In order to save time, you could create the first week, then duplicate the meal plan for other weeks (click here to learn how) and just edit the changes that need to be made for other weeks and keep the components that are the same.

When you print out the meal plan pdf you can choose which sections to include. If something is redundant between the weeks you could include it only in the plan for week 1 and not in the others.

This strategy works for most people. It's not exactly the same as having a single plan with several weeks on it, but this is the closest we have to that.