If you are new to NutriAdmin it is possible that you already have a payment system in place to process and handle payments from your customers. If that's the case, and you wish to integrate your payments system with client records in NutriAdmin (e.g. so that you can keep track of who paid, how much, etc) then there are a few options available.

Firstly, if you use Stripe, or if you don't mind switching to Stripe, you can use our integration with Stripe to process payments directly from your NutriAdmin dashboard. You can click here for a video demo of how this works.

If you don't use Stripe, then there are a few options:

  • You can record payments manually in NutriAdmin as shown here. This will also generate a receipt for your client that will be sent via email
  • You can integrate your NutriAdmin account with Dropbox click here to learn more, then upload invoices/receipts to the client record
  • You can manually write notes in the client record for payments, e.g. maybe when you have an appointment with a client the event in the calendar can say whether the session was paid for or not already. This would involve manually keeping track, so it wouldn't be suitable if a fully automated solution is needed
  • If your payments system can generate links to specific pages (e.g. payment receipt for a client) you could copy/paste those links into the client record as reference
  • You could get into the habit of checking the client record in your payment system before each session to make sure all the required payments have been processed.