What is NutriAdmin?

NutriAdmin's mission is to be the best software for nutritionists online. Our story started when we interviewed hundreds of dietitians, health coaches, and nutritional therapists, asking them how software could help them with their work. The result is an online application designed to cut down your paperwork in half. NutriAdmin provides you with client records, online questionnaires, meal plans, automated reports, appointments, and more. Check out NutriAdmin's features for more details.

Who is NutriAdmin for?

NutriAdmin has been specifically designed for nutritionists, dietitians, wellness/health coaches, nutritional therapists, personal trainers, and nutrition consultants. By focusing on just this specific sector of the health industry we are able to provide very specialized and professional features at a lower price than generic software for health professionals. This is because you don't have to pay for features intended for dentists, or surgeons; everything that NutriAdmin does is designed with dietitians, nutritionists, and related professionals in mind. This also results in a very clean and easy-to-use interface.

Is NutriAdmin suitable for teams and organizations?

Yes! We do offer business plans for teams, you can check our pricing page at https://nutriadmin.com/pricing to learn more. With a business plan, each one of the practitioners or front end staff in your team can get their own login/password. Then, it is seamless for your team to share documents such as client records, meal plans, recipes, calendar appointments, etc. You can click here to learn more about business plans and the different ways your team can be organized in NutriAdmin. You can also check our nutrition teams page for more info.

Does it work on my laptop/phone/tablet?

Yes. NutriAdmin works on any device able to connect to the internet. It is a web-app. You can connect and use the software directly from your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc). The way it works it's similar to connecting to Facebook, Youtube, or Google, you just use them online. You don't need to download or update any package. All the data and software components will always be up to date for you without the need for your intervention. Your account is always synchronized across devices. Some users, for example, opt to do most of the work from a computer, but then use an iPad to take notes during a consultation, and their phones to send appointments and check notes quickly before a meeting.

How much does NutriAdmin cost?

Anyone can use NutriAdmin by subscribing to a monthly membership. There are several plans available to accommodate to the size of your business or practice. The basic plan starts at $34.99/month and includes most of NutriAdmin's features. Pricing is based on the volume of clients you have, so you can increase your quota as your business grows. You should see NutriAdmin as an investment, rather than an expense. This is because you will save so much time and hassle with NutriAdmin, that the software will probably pay for itself. You can check the pricing for more details.

Is there a free version of NutriAdmin?

We only offer a very limited Starter plan for free. This is intended for recent graduates and people starting out a business. Once you get a few clients you will need a paid plan.

NutriAdmin is designed as a paid product for several reasons. Firstly, it's software for professional use. A free version of NutriAdmin would result in an average product at best, whilst a paid version means the quality of the software will be much superior. Secondly, your monthly membership fee covers costs such as security procedures for your data, the continuous improvement of the software. Finally, a paid plan gives you access to dedicated professional support from the NutriAdmin team when you need help or have a problem. In summary, paid plans in NutriAdmin ensure you have access to high-quality software, security, and effective technical support.

Are there any hidden costs or admin fees?

Not at all. NutriAdmin's pricing is a simple monthly fee. You will never pay any joining fees, cancellation fees, or similar. The monthly price you pay is a flat tariff, which means that you can use the software as much as you want without worrying about exceeding any limits. If your volume of clients surpasses your current limit we will notify you and offer you the possibility of a more advanced plan. You can choose to upgrade or remain on your current plan. We will never charge you a higher fee by surprise and without your prior consent.

Can I cancel at any time? Are there any long-term contracts?

Of course you can cancel! Some companies lock their users in long-term contracts where you either lose a lot of money or you lose rights when you cancel. We believe that is an obscene idea. With NutriAdmin, you can join for 3 months, then cancel, then come back half a year later, all without any penalties or extra costs. We are humans, and we are aware life circumstances occur. That's why we want to allow you to use NutriAdmin month-by-month rather than getting locked for years when you don't know what will happen in the future.

Can I upgrade/downgrade at any time?

Yes. In a similar way to the previous question, you can adapt NutriAdmin to your needs as they evolve over time. If you need a higher or lower volume of clients you can change at any time and your billing will be updated accordingly. You can check here how to change your plan.

NutriAdmin looks good, but I'm not sure if it is for me...

Every user has the right for a 14 day free trial of NutriAdmin. You can click here to start using the software right now free of charge for the first 14 days.

Why do I get asked for a card when trying to access the free trial?

We ask you for a card as part of the registration process so that you don't experience any interruptions in the service should you decide to use NutriAdmin past the initial 14 days. Additionally, asking for a card helps us keep NutriAdmin safe and secure from spam or possible abusive use of the platform – which benefits everyone. Despite the card requirement, you can cancel with one click at any moment at no charge. We will email you 2-3 days before your trial ends with simple instructions on how to upgrade/downgrade/cancel your NutriAdmin account.

Are my card details safe?

Absolutely. All card, billing, and payments information are handled by Stripe on behalf of NutriAdmin. Stripe is one of the leading online payments systems used by internet giants such as Twitter, Pinterest, or Shopify. All data is encrypted complying with industry standards of security. Finally, the NutriAdmin team has no access to your card details, and our databases do not store any sensitive payment data details.

Is my clients' data secure in NutriAdmin?

Yes. We are aware that nutrition professionals handle sensitive data, that's why we take security seriously. NutriAdmin is HIPAA compliant and meets all security standards of the industry. For more information on HIPAA and the security procedures we have in place, please check HIPAA and HITECH compliance NutriAdmin

Will NutriAdmin delete my client records under some conditions?

NutriAdmin will never delete your client data whilst you remain subscribed to a paid plan. This means you can keep old client files for any given period of time whilst on a paid plan. You can review as well as edit past client records. NutriAdmin will only delete some, or all of your client data if: a) You have canceled your account, and indicated you do not need your data. b) You have canceled your account, and indicated you have downloaded or kept a personal copy of any relevant data in your own system. c) You have canceled your account, and not downloaded, or claimed in any way your clients' data after a period of 3 months. It should be noted that all of these rules can be overruled by an authority external to NutriAdmin (i.e. a government or legal body). For more details about client data security, please check HIPAA and HITECH compliance NutriAdmin

What happens when I cancel my account?

You will not be charged for any future subscription fee (unless you re-subscribe). You will be able to continue to use NutriAdmin until the end of your current billing period. After this point, your account will be locked unless you decide to re-subscribe again. If you have stored client data in NutriAdmin, we will allow you to download your data normally within a period of 2-3 months since your cancellation. The NutriAdmin team will try to contact you several times, and will only remove your data permanently from the system, once it's been confirmed that you don't wish to return, or that you do not need your clients' data.

Is there a refunds policy?

Yes, there is. If you are charged by NutriAdmin and want a refund, you can claim the full amount within 5 days of the charge. This is to cover you in case you forgot to cancel your account on time, or you made a mistake. You can check our refunds policy for more information.

I have a friend who may like NutriAdmin...

That's great! We are very happy when someone new discovers NutriAdmin and finds the software useful. If you invite a friend to NutriAdmin, you could both get a 10% discount on the software for life. You can invite several friends and accumulate discounts. For more details on conditions and eligibility, check our referrals policy.

NutriAdmin looks great, but it is too expensive...

If you think the cost too steep, perhaps you should try NutriAdmin first. After all, you can get the 14 day trial for free and with no risk. During the trial, perhaps you can think whether NutriAdmin would be an expense or an investment. If you think the software can save you a lot of time in admin and paperwork, perhaps enabling you to grow your business faster, then maybe it's worth the money. Moreover, you can invite several friends to get referral discounts and pay a cheaper monthly fee. On the other hand, we write in our blog about many other strategies, tips, and tricks – most of them free – for you to save time and cut down paperwork. If you are just starting our your practice and don't need yet a specialized software solution like NutriAdmin, why not subscribing to our newsletter in the blog to get useful articles for free?

Who is behind NutriAdmin?

NutriAdmin has been created by Diego and Magda. Diego holds a Masters in scientific computing from Cambridge University. Magda completed her BSc Hons in Computer Science at Edinburgh University. In the past, both Diego and Magda have worked for Citigroup in London developing software, and optimizing systems for global trading in the financial markets. Their expertise in software development is coupled with a mutual passion for nutrition. If you have any problems or questions with the software, either Diego or Magda will be able to assist you personally – NutriAdmin does not outsource its technical support to offshore teams. This way you will always get a fast and accurate response from the people who actually wrote the software, and know in-depth how it works. You can find more in NutriAdmin's team page.

What if I need help? What if I don't understand how to use the software?

We are here to help you. Firstly, you can check our docs section, where you will find step-by-step tutorials, video demonstrations, and Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally, you can contact us via email at team@nutriadmin.com, and we will help you get started, solve your technical issues, and receive your suggestions or feedback. Finally, you can use the Support chat widget on the bottom right of the screen to ask us questions.

Is NutriAdmin secure and private?

Please check our security page at https://nutriadmin.com/docs/~security where you can read articles about GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, our cookies and privacy policies, etc in more detail.

What counts as a NEW client per month when calculating pricing?

Please check this article for details.

Any other questions?

You can check the docs page for docs, tutorials, and more information about NutriAdmin. Alternatively, you can email us at team@nutriadmin.com with your questions, and we will do our best to help you.