In some cases, you may want to generate a report for a client/patient, including some of his/her questionnaire information, notes, etc. Then, share this document securely with a third party, such as a doctor, medical provider, insurance provider, etc.

One way to achieve this can be to simply download a report for a client as a pdf, then send this to the relevant third party.

However, you can also create reports and share them with the third party via the client portal. To do this, you will need to create a client record for the medical provider/third party (with his/her name and email address). This just needs to be done once.

Then, for every patient, you can:

  1. Create a report for the patient (you can click here for a tutorial on how reports work). You can just tick some boxes to automatically include questionnaires that the client has filled in.
  2. Save the report (optional).
  3. Copy the content of the report in your clipboard (e.g. copy/paste)
  4. Create a new report, this time for the medical provider or third party
  5. Paste the content, so that the report for the medical provider now has all the content for the patient.
  6. Now you can share that report with the medical provider using the client portal.

When you do this, the medical provider will receive an email saying you have shared a report with them in the portal. Try to choose a suitable title for your report, such that the medical provider can easily identify it.

The medical provider will be able to download the report as a pdf.