In some cases, you may want to create a standard report to share with multiple clients in the client portal. This could be some generic information, e.g. tips for exercise, eating healthy, where to acquire certain products, etc.

Normally, reports can contain private information about a particular client. That's why, by design, a report can only be shared with the client assigned to the report. This is a security measure to prevent you from accidentally sending one client's personal details to another by mistake over the portal. It is not possible to re-assign the client associated with a report, or to copy the report to another client to prevent potential privacy problems.

The above said, there are a few easy workarounds to enable you to share reports with multiple clients when the information they contain is not private or exclusive to one client. Here are three methods.

Downloading a PDF

You can create a report with any data you want, then download it as a PDF. Once you have a PDF file, you can email or post it in your website and share it with anyone. This however wouldn't allow clients to access the client portal to see the report.

Copy/pasting a report

You can follow these steps:

  1. Create a report for a client,
  2. Share that report in the portal
  3. Copy the whole content of the report to your clipboard
  4. Create a new report for another client
  5. Paste the contents of your first report
  6. Share with the new client
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each client

This is a quick approach if you just need to share a report with 2 or more clients as a one off. If you do this regularly though, it's better to try the approach below using report templates.

Using report templates

You can configure report templates for the content you re-use often. You can click here to learn more about report templates.

You could configure a report template to contain the whole content in your current report, or you can have many templates with different chunks of content so that you can mix and match for each client.

Once you have a few templates configured, you can create a report for each client that needs it, add the relevant templates (it can just be one large template for the whole report) and then share the report with each client.