When creating a meal plan, recipe, or meal preset in NutriAdmin, you can search the AUSNUT food database to find Australian and New Zealand products. This database is provided by:

Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

NutriAdmin uses the AUSNUT data and material under the CC BY 3.0 licence for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You can check the following link to learn more about AUSNUT and the source of this data: AUSNUT food database

To use AUSNUT foods in NutriAdmin, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the plus symbol in a meal plan to add foods. Then, click on Search full database.

search full database

Step 2: Type the food you are looking for. Then, press enter or click the search button. In this example, we are searching for marmite.

searching AUSNUT

Step 3: Once the search is done, click on the AUSNUT Database tab. As you can see in the example below, marmite is not available in the default USDA database, but it is available in AUSNUT.

ausnut database tab

Step 4: Find the food/product you were looking for in the table and click Add food.

add food to meal plan

The product (marmite in this case) will be added to the meal plan

marmite in meal plan