NutriAdmin's meal planning software allows nutritionists and dietitians to generate ketogenic diet plans for their patients. In particular, you can use the meal plan generator

NutriAdmin comes equipped with many popular diets you can use as templates to generate eating guidelines for your clients. The ketogenic diet is just one of the possibilities.

To generate a keto meal plan, just follow these simple steps (takes about 30 seconds):

Step 1: Go to meal plans, and click on Auto-generate meal plan.

keto meal plan generator

Step 2: Choose a Ketogenic diet from the list of options available. You can also use the search box to quickly find the diet you want.

ketogenic diet

Step 3: Adjust the macronutrients, energy, allergens to avoid, and additional settings of the diet. When you're ready, click on generate and your plan will be ready.

generating a meal plaAdmin

About the Ketogenic diet

Currently, NutriAdmin provides users with two versions of the ketogenic diet: the standard version, and the high protein variant.

The standard ketogenic diet is characterized by a high percentage of fat as a macronutrient, and very small content in carbohydrates. The high protein variant just switches some of the fat for extra protein.

The current default settings (you can adjust them) for these two diets are as follows:

DietCarbs %Fat %Protein %
Standard Ketogenic57520
High Protein Ketogenic56035

The bulk of food products included in both diets consists of: meat, fish, seafood, some vegetables, some berries, eggs, nuts, seeds, oils, butters, and some dairy products. Naturally, only low-carb dairy, vegetables, and berries are included (i.e. cheese as opposed to milk).

For more information about NutriAdmin's meal planning feature, and for a video demonstrating how to create a meal plan, please click here.