The meal plan generator is one of the major features in NutriAdmin where you can automatically generate individualized recipes for your clients in just 60 seconds. We are constantly trying to improve this feature to cater to different client's needs and restrictions. When you are trying to generate meal plans, there may be times when you will not be able to get results as seen below.

no results found on meal plan generator

Why don’t I get any results?

Reason 1: There are too many excluded ingredients including common ingredients like garlic, onions, or salt and pepper.

excluded ingredients

Reason 2: Disabling most of the cuisines

disable cuisines

Reason 3: Choosing very restrictive diets like Autoimmune Protocol and Raw Vegan, in addition to excluding ingredients and other restrictive filters.

restrictive diet and excluding ingredients

Reason 4: If the most common cooking equipment like pans and pots is not chosen.

cooking equipment

Reason 5: Unusual number of calories. Too high or too low caloric requirements.

energy or caloric requirement

Reason 6: If the meal plan calls for lower caloric requirements but has a lot of meal types.

too many meal types

Reason 7: Maximum ready time is less than 30 minutes. Although we have a lot of recipes that can be ready in less than 30 minutes, having additional restrictions to this may lower the number of recipes available.

maximum ready time less than 30 minutes

Reason 8: Choosing a diet that limits certain macros but inputting a high percentage of it in the macronutrients part of the generator. For example, choosing Ketogenic diet, which should be high in fat and very low in carbohydrates, but then asking the generator to give you 50% carbohydrates. You won't get any results because it's not possible to have a high carbohydrate ketogenic diet.

ketogenic but high carb percentage

How can I fix or avoid this?

Having one or more of these factors may increase the possibility of not being able to produce any results. You can try and adjust to a less restrictive query. You can always edit the meal plan later and remove ingredients/meals or adjust quantities as needed. For example, if you want a meal plan that requires high calories, you can make it with less calories, then adjust the portion size to achieve the higher caloric requirement.

If you believe your query is not very restrictive but it did not produce any results, feel free to click the Notify NutriAdmin team button and we will try our best to help you by adding recipes that would fit your query.

notify nutriadmin team button example