NutriAdmin lets you create shopping lists for your clients along with meal plans to follow your recommendations.

The philosophy behind shopping lists is that a meal plan is not often enough. This is because a meal plan can teach your clients what to eat, but now how to prepare to have the relevant ingredients and products always available.

When you create a meal plan with NutriAdmin, a shopping list will be automatically assembled for you in parallel. The shopping list will:

  • Categorize products by aisle: i.e. Dairy, Vegetables, Fruit, Fish, etc. This way, your client can easily visit their local supermarket, and go aisle by aisle crossing out items from the list, ensuring they buy everything they need in an efficient way and without forgetting anything
  • Group together all the instances of a single product, and add up the total amount. E.g. If your plan suggests chicken breast on Mondays and Fridays, the plan will show the total amount of chicken breast your client needs to buy. This way, a weekly shopping can be made, and then portioning done at home.
  • Use either grams or ounces for food amounts. You can change them according to your needs.

You can see below an extract from a sample meal plan for one day (you can also create meal plans for up to a whole week)

meal plan example screenshot

NutriAdmin will automatically compile the corresponding shopping list along the meal plan

shopping list compiled

In addition to the meal plan and shopping list, NutriAdmin will:

  • Calculate all macronutrient analysis for you.
  • Give you a micronutrient analysis as well, pointing out possible vitamin or mineral deficiencies.
  • Allow you to include recipes, if you want to guide your clients even further.

We designed all of the features listed so far to ensure your clients accomplish their goals. With NutriAdmin, your clients will:

  • Know what to eat (meal plan)
  • Know how to buy it (shopping list)
  • Know how to prepare meals (recipes)
  • Understand why the plan is important (macronutrient and micronutrient analysis)

On the other hand, NutriAdmin's software is all about automation and removal of paperwork. Our software is fast, and creating personalized meal plans can be done in as 30 seconds – thanks to a custom algorithm.

Learn more about our meal planning software for nutritionists. You can find extra information, as well as watch a 5 minute video demonstration of how the software works.

You can also check out the meal plan generator, to learn how to create an entire meal plan in 60 seconds.