NutriAdmin can be used for nutritionists/dietitians that want to recommend vegetarian or vegan meal plans and recipes to clients. There are a few features to support this.

  • You can use the advanced search functionality to search for vegetarian/vegan recipes in the database. You can click here to learn more
  • The meal plan generator can generate vegetarian or vegan meal plans based on macros
  • You can create custom master meal plan templates for different types of vegan or vegetarian meal plans. You can click here to learn more
  • When you create a meal plan, the software will automatically assemble a shopping list. You can easily check there to ensure there are no meat products anywhere in the plan
  • You can create your own recipes to use in plans and make sure they meet dietary requirements
  • You can add questions to your questionnaires for clients to specify their food preferences, e.g. whether they are vegetarian or vegan.
  • You can read our guide on how to lose weight on a vegan diet for further tips