This is a tutorial on how to utilize History tab on the meal plan generator. It is useful in reusing meal plan templates and efficiently generating meal plans without having to repeatedly input relevant information.

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To reuse generated meal plan templates, it is important to change its name so that you would be able to easily identify it in the future. For example, you can use the specific diet you used as well as the distinct intolerance or restriction the template has as shown below

template name

Step 1: Click Meal Plan Generator.

meal plan generator tab

Step 2: Click the History tab to look for the meal plan template you want to reuse.

meal plan generator history

Step 3: Select the template you want to reuse.

select generated plan to re use meal plans

Step 4: Change parameters like energy requirement, macros and other restrictions as needed.

pescetarian no dairy energy and macros

add or remove meal types

maximum ready time

diet type

additional filters

exclude ingredients and show advanced option

Step 5: Generate meal plan using the template.

generate meal plan

To edit meal plans and recipes, click this link for a step-by-step tutorial.