NutriAdmin collects different kinds of data from its users in order to provide our software as a service. As a general rule, we keep data for the period of time whilst it may be of use, and delete data when we are sure it won't be needed anymore.

For detailed information on which data we collect, please check this article:

There are different retention periods for different kinds of data.

NutriAdmin user and client data

When you register for NutriAdmin, add your clients data, and use the software, we will store your data securely. We will keep your application data indefinitely, as this data can be valuable to you at any point and we cannot determine when the data will not be necessary on our end.

This means that even if you cancel your NutriAdmin account, we will still continue to store your data securely. This is because you may want to return at any point in the future and continue with your subscription or download your data for any other purposes. The data is your property, and we cannot delete it without your permission.

It should be noted that you can request for your data to be deleted at any point. Please check the document below for details:

Google Analytics data

Data retention is set to 14 months for Google Analytics data. The "Reset on new activity" option is switched off in our Google Analytics account.

Customer support data

When you contact us over Skype, phone, email, or any other channel to ask a question or request customer support, we will use the contact information provided (e.g. email/phone number) to contact you and deal with your query.

We will typically keep correspondence for a period of at least 6 years, in order to comply with data laws.

Billing information

When you use NutriAdmin's services, we will produce different receipts, invoices, and other financial data. Financial information will be kept for a period of at least 6 years, since this is legally required for tax/accounting purposes.

Application and network logs

NutriAdmin generates different logs when users connect to the website or use the application. Some of this logs may contain some user information, such as IP address, browser used, etc. Application and network logs are currently rotated automatically every 12 months.