If you have used NutriAdmin and wish to cancel your subscription and delete all your data, you will need to:

  1. Optionally, download all your data. You can click here to learn more.
  2. Cancel your subscription. You can click here to learn how.
  3. Send us an email requesting the deletion of the data.

Email requesting data deletion

When requesting to delete all your data, this will include (but not be limited to):

  • All your client records
  • meal plans
  • reports
  • questionnaires
  • private notes
  • calendar appointments (excluding Google calendar)
  • report templates
  • recipes
  • foods and meal presets
  • any other data associated with your account that is stored at NutriAdmin

Additionally, your billing information (currently stored securely in Stripe) will also be permanently deleted after we process your request.

If we have your personal data in any other service/software program we will delete it too. As a general rule, we will delete any data that is yours that is in any of our systems to the extent possible.

Please make sure you are completely certain you will not need your NutriAdmin account in the future. Deleting the data as explained in this tutorial will be permanent, and you will not be able to recover the data after it's deleted.

Once you are ready to delete the data, you can just write us an email at team@nutriadmin.com saying you want us to permanently delete all your data. You can quote this tutorial page for reference.

When sending us an email with important account operations, such as deleting all your data, it is crucial that you send the email from the same email address you have currently registered with NutriAdmin. This is so that we can verify your identity. NutriAdmin staff will refuse to delete data if unable to verify the identity of the person requesting this action. This is to prevent unauthorized removal of data.