Although uncommon, there is the possibility for an error to occur when you download a meal plan that includes recipes. The error message will appear as a warning when you try downloading the meal plan, and it will list any recipes that may be missing from the final PDF download. You can check the screenshot below for details:

warning downloading meal plan

How to fix this quickly

If you want to fix this issue quickly all you have to do is:

  1. Find the affected recipes in the meal plan table
  2. Remove them by clicking the "Remove Food & Recipe" button
  3. Add them back (or an alternatively replacement)
  4. Save the meal plan
  5. Try downloading again

This should fix the issue. If it doesn't you can contact support and we will help you out find if there is a different type of problem.

Why does this warning happen and how to prevent it

When you add recipes to a meal plan in NutriAdmin, the software saves a reference (a unique id) to the recipes that are part of a meal plan. If you create a meal plan, and then go to your recipes and delete some of them, then the meal plan you created will no longer have valid references to the original recipes and it will be unable to find them when printing the plan.

This may also happen if you:

  1. Create a recipe
  2. Create a meal plan
  3. Add the recipe to the plan
  4. Delete the recipe and create a copy with the same name (i.e. because you wanted to tweak some details)

In the scenario above, even though you may have created a new version of the same recipe, we don't have a way of automatically detecting that the new recipe is meant to be the same as the previous one. This scenario is rare, but if it happens to you you can follow the steps above to fix it.

The reason removing recipes from a meal plan and adding them back fixes the problem is because when you add the recipes to a meal plan the software stores the current id of the recipes (which is always known/defined when adding a recipe). As long as you don't delete the new recipes again, the data should be correct and downloading the meal plan will work as expected.

In order to prevent issues, it's recommended that you edit existing recipes instead of deleting them where possible, or that you create a new version whilst keeping the old for recipes, or that you simply follow the troubleshooting steps above when you encounter an issue since it will be rare and the steps to fix it are easy.