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When you thrive, we thrive. We want to help you get started with your practice/business.
Use NutriAdmin for free or at a reduced price to set up your systems. You can always
upgrade to other plans later as your practice grows and your software requirements expand.

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Here are some short testimonials
that some of our users have provided.

Testimonial NutriAdmin Tiffany detail

Tiffany Schebesch, BASc, RD

Owner of Peak Nutrition Consulting

I've been using NutriAdmin for almost 2 years since opening my registered dietitian private practice, and I've never looked back! NutriAdmin seamlessly integrates customized chart notes and meal plans in a safe platform, to ensure I'm complying with my college regulations. The ability to use my own logo and branding when communicating with clients creates a professional appearance that I really appreciate. I've especially loved the features of sending initial questionnaires and feedback forms to clients after we're done working together; it expedites the process to save hours of administrative work each month. The customer service is unprecedented; my queries are answered quickly and efficiently to ensure my practice runs smoothly – NutriAdmin will always be my first choice!

Testimonial NutriAdmin Linda detail

Linda Albinsson BSc, RNT (mBANT)

Nutrition Consultant at Personalised Nutrition

NutriAdmin has really changed how I work, and amalgamates my work into one system which is great! Being directly designed for Nutritionists, the system really understands our unique requirements. The best bit about it though I think – is the super simple interface, from which you can have your own designed questionnaires sent to the client automatically together with proposed appointment slots. It looks so professional, and it's worth using the system just for that. Great customer service is available for any queries you have and they are always open for suggestions and seem to be able to meet any individual demands I have for amendments! Highly recommend :)

Testimonial NutriAdmin Diana detail

Diana Kinsfather MS, RDN

Owner at Kinsfather Nutrition

I am the owner of a small private practice and have welcomed the assistance that NutriAdmin has provided. I have been using NutriAdmin software for a few months now and it has helped me manage client information, formulate new client and health history questionnaires, and provide a platform for recipe creation. The software offers so many customizable options and is easy to use. Diego and the NutriAdmin team provide a high quality program that offers users easy to follow tutorials, system updates, and new features. They are fast to respond to any question and truly care about making sure the program is beneficial to each user. The quality of customer service is beyond exceptional and I look forward to incorporating more of the functions into my business.

Testimonial NutriAdmin Catherine detail

Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC

Nutritional Therapist at The Family Nutrition Expert

I have been using NutriAdmin for the past 3 months, and firstly I am so impressed by Diego and his team. They are super responsive if there are any problems (which isn't often) and also really responsive if we need any technical support. We're now using NutriAdmin as a team – which means my PA can be adding clients to my calendar and requesting payments, while I work on their reports and menu plans. It's really helping to streamline my business, help me to keep across accounts, my PA is spending less time arranging appointments and payments and I love the functionality of reports, menu planning and keeping notes. Yes it will take you a bit of time uploading the info you want to use, getting your client database and questionnaires set up, but it's the best diary system and notes/report system I've seen and it's saving me so much time. Highly recommended!

Testimonial NutriAdmin Kate detail

Kate Nordin, Nutritionist

Owner at Nordin Nutrition

As my business has slowly grown I have been juggling the multitude of various documentation required to administer my clients both in advance of consultations as well as throughout their program. NutriAdmin has streamlined the process of gathering information and storing it, cutting down the time I spend on reproducing emails, sending questionnaires and tracking this data as well as storing all this vital information all in one secure place. The software can be tailored specifically to my requirements as a nutritionist and has allowed me more time to focus on my clients. I have cut down my note taking and recommendation writing time significantly. I can finally do all the administration required for each patient within the allocated appointment time and no longer have to return to finish up my notes or recommendations later in the day. Diego and his team have also been incredibly responsive and helpful in any questions I have had and are continuously adding features to the system. I couldn't recommend NutriAdmin enough for streamlining any nutritional practice and giving you greater freedom and peace of mind as a practitioner.

Questions about NutriAdmin?

You can click here and scroll to the bottom for the most commonly asked questions about pricing.
Additionally, here are a couple of questions about starter plans specifically

1. Are there other deals for students?

Yes! NutriAdmin partners with a few nutrition educational institutions. If your school partners with us, you could get NutriAdmin completely free whilst you are a student. This includes extra perks not available in the Starter plan. You can click here to learn more.

2. Why do you offer a free plan?

Starting a nutrition practice or business is hard, and we think NutriAdmin can help you grow and keep all your data secure and organized as well as allow you to be effective. We want to help you get started, right from the beginning, when you don't have many clients yet. We hope that, over time, as your business grows, if you are deriving value from NutriAdmin you may consider upgrading to a paid plan once it makes financial sense for you to do so. When that happens, it's a win-win.

3. Who can sign up for the starter plan?

Anyone can. Typically, this will be helpful for new businesses, recent grads, or students that want to practice with the software before having actual paying clients. If you already have regular clients, then a paid plan is more suitable. The starter plan is very limited in the amount of client records and meal plans you can create, so it's only adequate whilst you don't have clients yet.

4. What are the limitations of the starter plan?

Since we are providing the plan for free, we are unable to offer customer support to subscribers of the free plan. You can check our docs at for tutorials and guides on how to set up your account and use the software.

5. What happens if I want to upgrade?

You can change plans anytime. You will keep all your existing data and seamlessly upgrade to a paid plan when you are ready to onboard more clients. You can go to the billing section of the software and change plan yourself, or email us when ready.

6. Will my data be secure?

All plans have the same strong security measures. The only limitation on the starter and basic 5 plans is the amount of client records and other data you can create. We also don't include some premium features in these plans. Other than that, it's a real account with real data, and any work you do whilst on a starter plan will carry over to a paid subscription should you decide to upgrade.

For more information about how much NutriAdmin costs, what is included, security, and more, check our Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, you can ask us anything directly by using the Ask a question box in the bottom right corner of the screen.