Telehealth add-on pricing

You can purchase the telehealth add-on as part of any NutriAdmin plan if you need it.
This allows you to conduct videocalls with clients logged in to the client portal.
You can subscribe, upgrade/downgrade, and cancel this add-on anytime.

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monthly pricing
Telehealth Add-on
yearly pricing
20 hours/month$5 per month$50 per year
You can try the videochat for up to 3 hours for free before you purchase the add-on to test it out before you make your decision

Questions about NutriAdmin?

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Additionally, here are a couple of questions about telehealth packages specifically

1. What does the telehealth package include?

If you purchase the telehealth add-on, then you will be able to have videocalls with your clients inside NutriAdmin. You will be able to initiate a call within the dashboard, and your clients will be able to log in securely to their client portal to join your call.

2. Are videocalls secure?

Absolutely. We use Amazon's AWS Chime as the infrastructure to provide videocalls. This is a HIPAA-compliant service that ensures your calls are secure. Given the fact that many consultations will involve discussing medical/private details, it is crucial that calls are secure and that's why we have prioritized using the right technology to accomplish this goal.

3. Why is telehealth provided as an add-on?

Providing videoconferencing is expensive, and we have to pay a third-party (Amazon) for the technology required to enable videochat. The cost is proportional to usage, that's why we offer packages based on the number of hours consumed per month. By offering telehealth as an optional add-on, this means that users that don't need this feature can ignore it and save the cost, whilst the users that want to use it can buy it separately within any plan.

4. Are there any alternatives to have videocalls?

Yes. If you don't want to use the telehalth feature we offer within NutriAdmin, you can integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. You can click here to learn more. Please bear in mind that using external software for telehealth may involve your client installing additional apps, and you should check that the security guarantees third parties offer are sufficient to meet your compliance obligations as a professional.

5. How to I purchase the add-on?

You need to be subscribed to NutriAdmin, either with the basic, popular, professional, or business plan. You can click here to learn more. Once you are subscribed, you can log in to the dashboard and visit the videocall or the billing section to purchase the telehealth add-on. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel the add-on anytime.

6. What do the hours in the telehealth add-on mean?

We offer the add-on in 20-hour per month package increments. So, if you buy one 20-hour package, then you will be able to have up to 20 hours of meetings with clients within your billing cycle. Once the hours run out, you will have to upgrade or to wait until the next billing cycle to have more calls. You can buy multiples of the package, so 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 hours a month etc are available as options. You can upgrade/downgrade each month as needed.

7. Can I have multiple atendees in a call?

At the moment we only offer one-on-one calls with the telehealth pacakge. In the future we may allow for groups too, but this will be more expensive. You can reach out to us and request this feature if you are interested so that we can let you know when we are able to implement it.

8. Can I share screen/blur background?

Yes. The videochat allows for muting, showing/hiding camera, bluring the background, and sharing screen. Recording is not supported at the moment, but you can use external software like Quicktime to record the screen if needed.

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