NutriAdmin Nutritionist Community

Our mission at NutriAdmin is helping nutritionists, dietitians, and other wellness professionals in every way we can. Our main product is NutriAdmin, our nutritionist software, but there is far more we want to offer the nutrition community.

We believe that having a community of peers can be valuable, for all of those professional discussions and to be able to network. That's why we have started a free moderated community for nutrition professionals both on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

The goal in creating these groups is to gather a curated list of nutrition professionals to discuss the industry and any other professional matters

The groups are aimed at nutritionists, dietitians, therapists, and even health coaches and personal trainers if they help clients with their nutrition goals.

You can access the group in LinkedIn's mobile app by opening the side menu and clicking the "groups" option, or in a computer by clicking on the left side menu when you are in Linkedin's home page. LinkedIn hides access to groups a lot in our opinion! So please bear this in mind so that you can always come back. To access in Facebook, you can go to the groups section or check the left side in a computer when logged in.

The goal is to share new developments in the industry, discuss new regulations, research on nutrition conditions, new technologies and advancements, book/course recommendations, marketing/sales for private nutrition practices, questions from prospective dietetics students, and any other professional topic related to nutrition. Even something funny from time to time is fine. The goal is to gather content of interest to nutrition professionals.

We believe that the key criteria for good content and a successful group is relevance. We will manually moderate and check each member and post to ensure topics stay relevant and to prevent spam. Please share your content in the groups - We would all love to learn more about nutrition.

How you can benefit from a group

The groups are moderated, so we only let nutrition professionals in. No spam is allowed, and we will remove any member that breaks those rules.

Hopefully you will find content that is relevant and of interest to you. We conduct weekly polls on nutrition questions, which is always insightful and fun, and the groups allow you to interact and network with other professionals.

You can ask questions to your peers, make connections, and share your passion for nutrition with other likeminded people in the groups. Even though NutriAdmin administers the groups, there is no requirement to use the software in order to join, and we don't use the groups to promote our software as that would defeat the purpose of a community for discussion.

We'd love to have you in, please use the links above to join in both Facebook and LinkedIn.

On the other hand, if you wish to be notified when NutriAdmin releases new features, or when we publish new articles, you can check our social media platforms.

Other resources for nutritionists

We also have a podcast for nutritionists where we give tips on marketing, and interview other nutritionists to talk about their work and experiences. If you are interested, you can check it out in the link below