Nutritional therapists and dietitians deal with patients with wide ranges of goals and conditions. In order to effectively provide advice, nutritionists require detailed client data on dozens of parameters. Managing this vast amount of information over time can easily become a nightmare, especially if dealing with data on paper or using non-specialized software tools. It's a lot of work to keep files up-to-date and accurate. Wouldn't you rather spend your time helping patients achieve their objectives rather than with endless admin tasks if you had the chance?

If you have been trying to find specialized software for nutritionists, it is possible you have just found what you needed. NutriAdmin is a cloud software solution for the nutrition industry that allows nutritionists to conveniently build their own rich database of client profiles. Profiles include all of those specialized data fields that you need and are fully customizable to adapt to your practice. Below is a list with examples of data that you can include in your patients' profiles with just a few clicks (the lists is not exhaustive):

Category Example fields
Personal Details Name, Height, Weight, Age, Gender, Blood group, etc
Contact Details Email, Phone, Address, etc
Lifestyle Smoking habits, Drinking habits, Caffeine consumption, etc
Consultation Symptoms, Goals, Wellbeing targets, etc
Medical History Past and current diseases, medical interventions, etc
Medication Current medication, supplementation, therapies, etc
Allergies Dietary allergies, environmental, medicine, etc
Typical Diet Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Challenges, Preferences, etc
Dietary Information Foods avoided due to religion, Diets followed, etc
Women Specifics Pregnancy, Contraception, Breastfeeding, etc
Functional Medicine Matrix Antecedents, Mediators, Nutrition, Assimilation, etc
Medical Tests Tests conducted, Notes for patient doctor, etc
Diet Recommendations Foods to avoid, Foods to eat more of, Nutrients needed, etc
Lifestyle Recommendations Lifestyle changes, Naturopathic techniques, Handouts to read, etc
Follow up Progress, Targets to meet, Tests to complete, etc
Current Food Intake Assessment, Protein intake, Carbs intake, Trans fats, etc
Extra If a particular field you need is missing we will add it within a day

Check out the CRM for nutritionists, where you can configure all the data fields you need to keep track of your clients – or take advantage of NutriAdmin's pre-built forms to use the software straightaway with zero configuration.