This tutorial is an special case of this. Basically, you need to know the categories of the fields you want to download in order to print them as a report.

Common fields and their respective category are:

Data FieldGrouped by Category...
Food diariesTypical Diet
Current Medications, Current Supplementation, Current PrescriptionsCurrent Medications
Food avoided due to religion, diets followed in the pastDietary Information

The reason printing reports uses categories as opposed to data fields directly, is that there are two dozens categories only, but hundreds of data fields. It would be very impractical to select individual data fields, so NutriAdmin groups them into categories to simplify the process.

You can follow this tutorial since it has similar steps. Pay particular attention to the screen below, where you will have to tick the corresponding box for the categories and specific food diary questionnaire you want to download as a report.

Step 1: Give the report a title for easy access once it's saved. Select Typical Diet in the categories as shown in the screenshot below. If you're not sure if you selected this specific category for your food diary, you can always choose Select All.

create a report for food diary.png

Step 2: In order to extract data from your specific food diary, you should scroll down and click Advanced options for report generation. Then, select which questionnaire / food diary you want to download or print. In this example, I'm going to select 1 Week Food Diary. For multiple food diaries, you can select more as needed.

select questionnaires.png

Once you complete all steps, you will get a professional PDF of the food diary.

food diary sample.png