There are multiple ways in which you can include supplementation into a meal plan in NutriAdmin.

The easiest way is to use the "comments" tab of the meal plan to write in plain text supplement information. You can include detailed notes on which supplements you advice your client to take, as well as dosage, and information about where to purchase the supplements.

Another option is to add supplements to the meal plan as "foods". You can search the food database and find some common supplements in some case. However, if you want to recommend a specific brand, you may want to create your own food items for the supplements you recommend often. You can click here for a tutorial on how to create your own foods in NutriAdmin.

If you opt for adding your own foods to the meal plan, then your supplements' nutritional data will be included in the macro/micronutrient calculations. E.g. if you add an Iron supplement to the meal plan, then the values for Iron in the meal plan will take into account your supplement.

Finally, if you just want to list the supplements, but you don't need to include the nutritional information in calculations, then you can use the following "trick":

  1. You can add an item with no nutritional value to the plan, such as plain water.
  2. You can click on the water item and rename it so that it says the name of your supplement instead
  3. You can change the portion size so that it says "1 tablet" or "1 sachet" or whatever the relevant portion size is.
  4. Because supplements usually come in small portions (e.g. 1 gram) and 1 gram of water has negligible nutritional value, then this item will have a negligible impact on nutrient calculations

The first two options are preferable, but if you just want to quickly add one specific supplement to the plan without having to create the custom food separately, then you can use the renaming trick.

In any of the cases above you can add as much additional information as required in the comments section (e.g. how to buy the products online or in shops).

If you want to learn more about how to recommend supplements to clients in NutriAdmin, you can also check this article for an alternative of how to write reports for clients with supplement recommendations.