NutriAdmin allows you to auto-generate a meal plan in a minute by following a few simple steps. The meal plan generator allows you to:

  • Choose a diet
  • Specify macronutrients and calories
  • Pick from a series of generated options to compose a plan

This tutorial shows an example of how to auto-generate a low FODMAP meal plan. You can follow the steps below to create your own plan.

Step 1: Click on Meal Plans.

meal plans menu

Step 2: Click on New Meal Plan on the top-right corner.

new meal plan button

Step 3: Select a client, then click on Auto-generate Meal Plan (with recipes).

auto generate meal plan

Step 4: Select a diet from the list of options. In this case, we are opting for the Low Fodmap diet – reintroduction phase (Lactose). There are many other options for diets, so you can choose the one you need for each specific client.

low fodmap diet

Step 5: Adjust the calories and macronutrients to the needs of your client. Then, click on Generate Meal Plan.

generate meal plan

Step 6: Choose amongst the available options. All the options generated will match your selected diet and calories/macronutrients.

select meal options

Note: If you deviate significantly from the default macronutrient parameters for a diet, you may get no results from the database.

That's it. Your meal plan will be generated. Below are a few screenshots showing the final result. You can edit/tweak the resulting plan, or download it as it is and hand it in to a client.

Meal plan overview meal plan

Macronutrients analysis macronutrients

Micronutrients analysis micronutrients analysis

Formulas analysis formulas in meal plan

Shopping list shopping list

Recipes included in meal plan recipes in meal plan