When you create a new client record in NutriAdmin, you will need to provide a name and an email. Both this fields are mandatory.

Most of your clients will be able to provide an email address. However, it may be the case sometimes that a client does not use email. Alternatively, it can also be the case that a family shares a unique email address among members (e.g. when you consult with a child who shares the address with his or her parents).

This article will show you how to handle clients with no email, or clients that share an email with other people in NutriAdmin.

What to do when a client has no email

When you try to create a client record, you will need to fill in an email address.

email address new client record

If your client does not have an email address, you can just enter your own email in the form like shown in the screenshot below.

entering your own email

Entering your own email will enable you to send questionnaires or appointment slots to the client. You will receive those emails, and will be able to fill in the questionnaire for your client (e.g. during a consultation together).

Managing multiple people with the same email address

For the sake of this example, let's imagine you meet the Smith family. This family is formed by John Smith (the father), Sarah Smith (the mother), and Matt Smith (the child).

All three members of the Smith family share a unique email address:

  • smith (dot) family (dot) example (at) example (dot) com

Furthermore, all three family members want to have a nutrition consultation with you. How do you enter their details in NutriAdmin?

The answer is simple: you need to create three separate client records (one per family member), but enter the same email address for the three of them.

Below are some example screenshots:

example client record 1 example client record 2 example client record 3

Once you have created the three records, you will be able to find them in your clients list like below:

clients list

Notice how all three family members share the same address.

Now, if you want to send a questionnaire to the family members, you will proceed as normal. If you want to send a questionnaire to all three family members, then you will have to click on the send questionnaire email button once per person.

All three of your clients will receive their separate questionnaire email at the same email address, but each email (and questionnaire) will include their different names. This way, everyone know which questionnaire is for whom.

The basic rule to remember is that you need one client record per physical person in NutriAdmin. Each client record holds their own individual data (questionnaire, notes, reports, meal plans, etc). If you mix different people within the same record, you won't be able to send them separate versions of the same questionnaire for example.