NutriAdmin offers a feature that allows you to restore data for private notes/questionnaire fields for a given client for up to 30 days. This is useful when you have accidentally edited or deleted a field and you wish to recover a previous version.

The way this feature works is that NutriAdmin auto-saves every value you enter in private notes/questionnaire fields as you type on them. We store the different versions you have edited for all your fields and this allows you to restore a given snapshot in time for your fields.

The above said, this tool is provided to aid in cases where you may have accidentally lost some data, but you shouldn't rely on this tool 100%. There are some situations where it won't be possible to restore data. E.g. if there were some connectivity issues with your internet connection at the time you typed your data, then we wouldn't have received your data in our servers and we wouldn't have a way to restore it. There may be some other special situations where the tool may not work, but it can help resolve many potential issues.

Also, for performance and security reasons, we only keep these kind of backups for up to 30 days. If you need to restore data older than 30 days, please contact support.

The following 5-minute video tutorial explains how the tool works and how to use it.

Watch video tutorial on YouTube