Sometimes, you may want your clients to fill in questionnaires at regular intervals. E.g. maybe you want them to fill in a short follow-up every month after your initial consultation to track progress. You can do this in NutriAdmin the following way:

Step 1: Generate a link to your questionnaire. You can click here to learn how.

Step 2: Create a calendar email template. You can click here to learn more.

Regarding the calendar email template, you can create a template of type new (to be sent for new appointments) and include some text such as: Please remember to fill in your progress questionnaire and you can include the link to the questionnaire from step 1.

If you want your email to read better, you can use the following HTML code in the body of your email template as opposed to copying the whole link to the questionnaire in plain text:
Please <a href="link to questionnaire goes here">click here</a> to access your questionnaire

Step 3: Go to your calendar in NutriAdmin on the left-side menu and schedule one or more future events for the relevant client. For example, you can create an event one month into the future, choose your client, and then select your email template from the drop-down menu.

When the time of the event comes in a month, the client will get your email template automatically in their inbox, including the link to your questionnaire. You should be CC'ed in the email, so you can reply over it if you need to follow up.

You can schedule multiple events like this into the future as needed.

Note: If you follow these steps, your client will always be filling in the same questionnaire, which means that the new data will overwrite older data if you merge the records. If you want to keep all historical data for a client in this scenario, you can create a report after each questionnaire is completed to save as backup. You can also use different questionnaires per email template.