If you are a nutritionist, dietitian, personal trainer, or work with clients that want to achieve nutritional goals, you probably deal with meal plans on a regular basis. But, what separates a great meal plan from an average one? Especially when anyone can Google meal plans of all kinds on the Internet today.

The big difference is knowledge. If you are advising clients about what they should eat, it's because your experience allows you to recommend something that is likely to work.

With so much data in the Internet, your role becomes more that of a content curator as opposed to the more traditional content creator. This last point is crucial. If you know which meal plan will help your clients accomplish their goals, you shouldn't need to waste valuable time creating this plan from scratch.

It's fine to create plans from scratch a few times, especially when you are a student, or just getting your nutrition business started. However, when you deal with patients on a regular basis, creating this meal plans from scratch can become a major time sink.

Meal plan generator based on macros

In order to address the needs of nutrition professionals that give meal plans to clients frequently, we've developed the ultimate meal plan generator here at NutriAdmin that tackles the problem directly.

NutriAdmin's meal plans are for those that need to produce many documents for clients fast. Instead of spending 1 hour per plan, NutriAdmin generates them for you using an algorithm that takes into account parameters, such as:

  • Macronutrient content
  • Energy content
  • Allergens to avoid
  • Diet style (e.g. Paleo, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, etc)
  • etc

Check the image below to see how NutriAdmin's meal plan feature input screen looks like.

meal plan generator based on macros

The way it works it's simple. If you enter values for macronutrients, and other variables into NutriAdmin (as shown above), the system will compute a unique meal plan that matches all the parameters specified as closely as possible. The whole process can take you as little as 30 seconds. A great improvement from crafting all those tables and food lists by hand.

Being able to specify parameters is crucial. Say you want to recommend a Paleo-style diet to a client. It's not enough to pick a diet and give a one size fits all plan to patients. Different individuals will have different requirements. For example, a young athletic male will probably need more protein and calories than an elderly person.

Basing the meal plan on macros will result in the right amount of nutrition in appropriate quantities for each of your clients. A personalized plan that has been optimized for each unique individual will always help your patients achieve their goals faster – and it will just take you a mere few seconds per plan.

Finally, you can watch this 5 minute video to see the software in action:

Watch video demo on YouTube