When working as a health coach, it is your responsibility to ensure your clients achieve their nutrition goals. This means, you not only need to chat with them for a bit, but you have to motivate them, give them very precise instructions tailored to their goals, and follow up regularly so that they stay on track.

The tasks mentioned above can become very hard to manage if you are dealing with several clients at once. Furthermore, if you are doing a good job, your client base will grow, and your will eventually find there are not enough hours in the day to both talk to new clients, check on past ones, write reports and handouts for each single individual, and keep your sanity.

This is a problem many health coaches and nutritionists face. We know because we have spoken to hundreds of them.

Our software NutriAdmin was born out of asking hundreds of nutrition professionals what was their biggest pain in managing their practices and businesses. One of the top hardship everyone kept mentioning is to efficiently manage clients and create tailored content for them.

NutriAdmin as a software for health coach content and forms

NutriAdmin is a software for health coaches that comes packed with many features to alleviate the client management, reporting, and content creation part of your health coaching business. We have designed this software specifically for nutritionists, health coaches, and dietitians, to tackle the problems related with the profession.

The key features of NutriAdmin that will enable you to efficiently create content and manage clients are:

Forms and questionnaires

NutriAdmin comes equipped with a pre-made health form and a food diary. You can send these to a client with one click, and get their answers to your questions integrated in the system seamlessly. The questionnaires include health history, nutrition goals, allergens and dietary requirements, etc.

Furthermore, NutriAdmin's questionnaires are fully customizable. It is easy to create new questions or modify existing ones until you have the perfect set of forms. You can take advantage of our library of premade questions (including many common fields used by health coaches and nutritionists) or make your own from scratch. There is no limit on the number of forms you can create.

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Creating health coach content efficiently for your clients is possible with NutriAdmin's reports. Reports can be handouts, recommendations, recipes, meal plans, or any other kind of content that will help your clients achieve success.

NutriAdmin reports will save you a lot of time in the long run thanks to two key functionalities: client data and templates.

Firstly, every time you take consultation notes about a client in NutriAdmin, or you receive a completed questionnaire, all this data is stored and organized in individual client records in the system. Then, when you want to create a report for any given client, NutriAdmin will pull all data available for this individual into the report, in such a way that you can recycle what you have already written for this person in the past – removing the need to ever re-write anything you give to clients. This is specially useful for follow-up consultations, it's easy to continue where you left off last time.

Secondly, NutriAdmin lets you store templates with content you use often so that you can add them to reports with a click. These could be tables, images, or lists of useful resources. Anything you write often to clients can be saved as a template for later use.

We have a saying in NutriAdmin: "never write the same thing twice". Re-using clients' data in reports and leveraging templates is what makes the philosophy of never writing the same content twice possible.

Client records

NutriAdmin organizes all of your clients' data into tidy records, so that you can update them over time as your relationship with a client develops. The hurdles of managing an increasing client base are alleviated once you have all of their data under control in the system.

If you want to create forms and content efficiently for your nutrition business, how about you check our main page to learn more about NutriAdmin?
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