There are a couple of options out there for software for nutritionists and dietitians. Most of the time, different software packages specialize in particular value propositions. When that's the case, it's usually easier for clients to choose which option can help them accomplish their goals best. However, the decision to choose software is not always clear. This article talks about why NutriAdmin is different and why it may be the best option for you.

NutriAdmin specializes in nutritionists and dietitians

First of all, was designed for nutritionists and dietitians from its inception. We interviewed dozens of nutrition professionals asking them which features would make a software program useful for them. NutriAdmin's sole purpose is to address the needs of nutritionists.

If you find a generic health industry software, productivity/organization program, or similar package, chances are it will not be optimized for nutritionists/dietitians. You will probably have to pay extra for features you don't need, and the ones that you do use will not be ideal.

NutriAdmin is fully customizable

You can completely customize: questionnaires, consultation notes, working schedules, report templates, recipes, foods, meal plans, etc. If you currently use a set of notes, questionnaires, or templates, you can easily implement them in NutriAdmin word by word.

Most software comes with pre-built components that you cannot change, so if flexibility is a priority, NutriAdmin may be a good choice for you.

NutriAdmin combines client record keeping with meal plans

Our features include an admin side, and a meal planning component. In terms of admin, we provide:

  • client questionnaires and notes
  • customizable client records
  • calendar, appointments, reminders
  • reports
  • web integration

In terms of meal planning:

  • creation of custom meal plans
  • auto-generation of meal plans based on macronutrients
  • creation of custom recipes and food items
  • recipes database

NutriAdmin is expanding

Our ultimate goal with NutriAdmin is to provide an all-in-one software solution for nutritionists and dietitians. We have been focusing on the admin side and meal planning part of the equation for now. Moving forward, we are currently (as of April 2017) working in integrating online payments/billing so that you can charge and invoice your clients via the software. We have further ideas to continue expanding the capabilities of the software during the year 2017.

What NutriAdmin does not do

At the time of writing this article (April 2017) we do not support US insurance forms/claims, although this may occur at a later date.

Great pricing

The pricing of our software is generally lower than other similar software options. We have been a self-funded profitable company since 2016, you can learn more about us by clicking here. Our technology, processes and company structure allow us to offer high quality at cheaper prices than competitors.

In addition, we barely spend any money on marketing. The majority of our users sign up based on recommendations from their peers, or they find us online. This means that when you pay for NutriAdmin, you are getting the full value of your investment in the product. You are not subsidizing expensive marketing campaigns with your purchase.

In any case, our users usually mention they choose our software due to the functionality, rather than for pricing reasons. This makes sense as either the software suits your needs or not. If it does, then probably the value generated will far offset the cost. If it does not, then it does not matter whether it is cheap or not.

Try NutriAdmin for free for 14-days

If you are considering a few different software options and are not sure which one to choose, probably the best thing to do is to try them all out and then decide. If you use software to manage your clients online, it is possible you will stick with the same provider for a long time (maybe years!), so a small time spent testing out the different options can be a reasonable investment.

If you want to see how NutriAdmin works, you can click here to sign up for a 14-day free trial. If you like the software, you can continue using it after the trial with a normal subscription. If you are not convinced, you can always cancel with one click.