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Generate an entire meal plan for a client in as little as a minute, complete with recipes, target calories and macronutrients, and accounting for client preferences

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The best meal plan generator for nutrition and wellness professionals

Generate professional meal plans for your clients in as little as a minute. Simply choose a diet to follow (Paleo, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, etc), macronutrient content, allergens to avoid, and click on generate. Our algorithm will generate a plan that meets all the criteria so that your client gets a completely personalized diet, and you save time.

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Choose from thousands of recipes

NutriAdmin uses a database with 360,000+ recipes to mix and match into complete meal plans. When you use the generator, our algorithm assembles within seconds a series of meal options that meet your criteria. This can be a way to help your customers with detailed meal plans and help them achieve their nutrition goals without having to painstakingly create the plan from scratch yourself.

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Hours of work saved with each plan

NutriAdmin does as much of the work for you as possible. Within a minute the generator can give you step-by-step cooking and prep instructions for each recipe. The generator also gives you a shopping list, nutritional analysis (macros & micros), and more. You can share the final result with clients via the client portal.

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Meal Plan Generator

Here is everything NutriAdmin's meal plan generator feature allows you to do

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