AI Recipes with ChatGPT add-on for your NutriAdmin subscription

You can purchase the AI Recipe Generator add-on as part of any NutriAdmin plan if you need it.
This allows you to generate recipes using artificial intelligence from short descriptions typed by you.
You can subscribe, upgrade/downgrade, and cancel this add-on anytime.

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monthly pricing
AI Recipes Add-on
yearly pricing
20 recipes&images/month £1.60+VAT per month £16+VAT per year
Unlimited recipes&images/month £1.60+VAT per month for each 20 units/mo £16+VAT per year for each 20 units/mo
Import Recipes from a File
You can also generate up to 5 recipes&images for free in any plan, this acts as a free trial so that you can test the feature.

Questions about NutriAdmin?

You can click here and scroll to the bottom for the most commonly asked questions about pricing.
Additionally, here are a couple of questions about AI recipes packages specifically

1. What does the AI recipes package include?

If you purchase the AI recipes add-on, then you will be able to generate recipes using artificial intelligence provided by ChatGP/OpenAI. This means you can write a short description, i.e.: Give me a recipe for lunch, ready in 20 minutes, including chicken and broccoli and cooking in a pan and the software will generate a whole recipe, including images, instructions, ingredients, and nutritional analysis within a minute.

2. Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We never share your personal or client data with GhatGPT/OpenAI. The only data that gets sent to this third-party service is the short description of the recipe you want. So you can rest assured that none of your own private data is shared without your permission with OpenAI.

3. Why are AI recipes provided as an add-on?

Providing this feature is expensive, and we have to pay a third-party (OpenAI) for the technology required to enable generating instructions and images with artificial intelligence. The cost is proportional to usage, that's why we offer packages based on the number of recipes/images consumed per month. By offering AI recipes as an optional add-on, this means that users that don't need this feature can ignore it and save the cost, whilst the users that want to use it can buy it separately within any plan.

4. Are there any alternatives for recipes?

Yes. You can create your own recipes from scratch in any NutriAdmin plan, or query a large database of recipes and import recipes from URLs if you are subscribed to the Popular plan or higher. You can click here for more information in the main pricing page. You can also use this add-on to import recipes from a file.

5. How to I purchase the add-on?

You need to be subscribed to NutriAdmin, either with the basic, popular, professional, or business plan. You can click here to learn more. Once you are subscribed, you can log in to the dashboard and visit the AI Recipes generator or the billing section to purchase the AI recipes add-on. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel the add-on anytime.

6. What do the recipes&images in the AI recipes add-on mean?

We offer the add-on in 20-recipe&image per month package increments. So, if you buy one 20-recipe&images package, then you will be able to generate 20 different recipes in a month within your billing cycle, plus up to 20 images for your recipes. Once you generate an image, you actually get 4 options to choose from. These 4 options count as *one* image generation. So you can have 20 image generation attempts included in the plan. Once the usage in your plan runs out, you will have to upgrade or to wait until the next billing cycle to generate more recipes. You can buy multiples of the package, so 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 recipes&images a month etc are available as options. You can upgrade/downgrade each month as needed.

7. Who owns the copyright on the images?

As the images are generated by an artificial intelligence, you are free to sell or share images generated in your recipes without any copyright infringement concerns. You can click here to learn more.

8. Can I edit generated recipes?

Yes. You can use the generated AI recipes exactly as they get composed, or edit any aspects of them, including ingredients, image, instructions, name, portion sizes, etc.

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