Nutritionional therapists usually meet clients on a one-to-one basis. An initial visit often lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, but the nutritionist-patient relationship rarely ends here. What normally happens next is that the patient will try to match the dietitian's recommendations with his or her lifestyle and come back again in about a month for a follow-up consultation. This process can extend over periods of several months.

Every single patient is different and requires personalized advice. If you are a nutritional therapist, perhaps one of your main challenges is keeping track of all of your client's specific circumstances over the months and years. It is fundamental to know each customer extremely well in order to offer exceptional value to them. But, how can you manage the humongous amounts of data accumulated as your client base increases? Well, we have built a CRM system to address just this problem.

CRM is short for Client Relationship Management. By using a CRM, you can create profiles for all your customers, including all kinds of relevant information about them. For example, you can save their food preferences, allergies, medication, track their goals and progress, and much more. NutriAdmin's CRM has been designed specifically to suit the needs of nutritionists, and is fully customizable to match your requirements as a professional.

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You can think of your CRM as your custom-built client database. The CRM can replace all those paper files or messy spreadsheets scattered around your computer. Every time you need information about a client you just have to search their name, and all their data will show up. Data is structured in such a way that it is easy for you to find what you need and keep it all organized. The end result: you save countless hours in organizing your files and are able to provide more targeted advice to patients.

There is a last thing that makes NutriAdmin's CRM stand out. All client profiles are synchronized with the rest of the functionality offered by the software. NutriAdmin is a software for nutritionists that includes customizable medical online questionnaires for clients as well as reports. Both when a client returns a questionnaire, and when you write a report for them, all the data will automatically be stored under the relevant patient's profile.

Let NutriAdmin do the paperwork for you. Your extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and your time are best used in providing valuable advice to individuals that want to improve their health.

Check out the CRM for nutritionists, you can watch a video demonstrating the feature and learn more about how it works.