Follow these simple steps to add a new client in NutriAdmin:

Step 1: Click on My Clients on the left menu.

my clients menu

Step 2: Click on New Client on the top right of the screen.

new client button

Step 3: Enter the name and email of your new client record. Take into account the system will use the name and email you enter here when you email a contact regarding a questionnaire or appointment.

Step 4: Click on the Create client record button. You will get a notification confirming the new client record is saved.

creating a new client in nutriadmin

Step 5 (optional): You can now take additional actions, such as:

  • Viewing/Editing the client profile you have just created
  • Sending a questionnaire of your choice straightaway to the client
  • Creating another client record

Done. Your new client record has been added to NutriAdmin.