In general, when you are using NutriAdmin, each client record is private. Information from client records doesn't mix and we have designed the software this way intentionally to avoid accidental sharing of private data belonging from one client with another - either due to a bug in the code, or to user error.

The above being said, there are scenarios in which you may have a lot of clients - e.g. dozens checking in every week - and you want to pull out a single excel spreadshet with key data to compare them with each other. E.g. if you are running a competition, or training a team and want to identify who needs attention amongst a group.

We have built a collection of simple scripts to help with this task. This is an advanced feature, and it will require running code in your computer. You should carefully read about the risks of doing this and make sure you understand what you are doing before running any code downloaded from the internet.

If you download and run the code provided below, you will be able to download all your data, select a particular questionnaire, and get a spreadsheet that shows you one row per client, with one column for each field in your questionnaire. This will allow you to compare, sort, and filter your clients by any metric required.

NutriAdmin will not take responsibility for any unintended effects of running code downloaded from the internet in your computer, even if it's code provided by ourselves. Although we have prepared the code to our best of our ability to be safe and work as expected, every computer environment is unique, and sometimes unexpected effects may occur. It is with this warning in mind that you download and use the scripts provided under your own risk.

You can access the code required to process your data once downloaded at:

You can learn how to download all your NutriAdmin data in the following tutorial:

Finally, you should watch the following video walkthrough explaining how to download and run the scripts.

Watch video tutorial on YouTube